Crystal stopped, date is invalid


I’m trying to follow instructions on Recovery Image - Traverse Ten64 Documentation but I’m getting;

[  582.234453] rtc-rx8025 1-0032: crystal stopped, date is invalid

When running the command;

hwclock -w

What am I doing wrong?


Tim ‘mithro’ Ansell

Didn’t realize a few units made their way out of the Crowd Supply warehouse already!

I’ll upload the new firmware release later today (I’ve been trying to pack a few more enhancements in)

The rtc-rx8025 driver does not correctly handle the ‘oscillator stopped’ bit on the real time clock (which is the case when the supercapacitor has been depleted). There is a driver patch and device tree change which fixes this.

The U-Boot version in firmware 0.8.5 has a workaround for this.

date reset needs to be run on the ‘first’ boot (after flashing the firmware) to clear the stop flag in the real time clock. A future firmware release will attempt to detect if the Ten64 has been powered up for the first time in a while (beyond the supercapacitor storage time) and clear the flag.

The root cause of this was a typo in a patch to the real time clock driver (oops!), the fix has been integrated into the recovery firmware in v0.8.7.