New Recovery Firmware / Fixes LetsEncrypt related issues

Hi all,

A new build of the recovery firmware is now available. This build moves to kernel 5.10 (based on the muvirt/OpenWrt 21.02-arm64 tree) and also should fix all LetsEncrypt DST-expiry related issues with (lib)curl.
(wget and other tools may still have issues, please report if you find any others)

You can quickly update your recovery firmware by entering these commands inside recovery:

# get an internet connection (eth6 with DHCP is WAN by default)
set-wan ethX

curl -O
mtd erase recovery && mtd write recovery.itb recovery

A more automatic firmware update method is planned for future releases.

The specific build artifacts folder with README.txt and SHA256SUMs can be found here.
The latest version is always available at

The MOTD will show the version as:

ten64-recovery master, 388133793_2021-10-14

I will release a new system firmware (v0.8.8) that has this recovery firmware and the updated OpenWrt-NAND inside for new installs.


@mcbridematt I patched my system this AM. It would appear that this has remedied the issue I reported here with subsequent reboots from SATA. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but thought I’d mention it.

Did you reboot from recovery into SATA? That is probably why.

It’s from SATA->SATA which seems to cause trouble.

Doing a Linux boot (from a non-SATA source) in the middle seems to put the SATA controller back into a good state for u-boot.
Haven’t had a chance to debug it just yet.

@mcbridematt Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Good news is that the ten64 has been running really well. As I thought, the SATA → SATA boot scenario seems to work fine since the above update. I’m not sure how/why it was resolved, but it is. I’ve put my SATA as the default boot device in uboot. And I can happily reboot the system from the muvirt interface and it comes right back up from SATA.