1G copper SFP with OpenWRT


I bought 2x " * Ubiquiti Networks UF-RJ45-1G" as per the HCL and I am running OpenWRT on my Ten64.

When I plug a connection on one of the 2 SFP, this is the error I get on the console of the device:

   [ 2507.124424] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.0 eth9: configuring for inband/10gbase-r link mode
   [ 2507.197982] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.0 eth9: validation of inband/sgmii with support 0000000,00000200,000062e0 failed: -22
   [ 2507.208642] sfp dpmac1_sfp: sfp_add_phy failed: -22

Somhow, it seems that fsl_dpaa2_eth tries to bring the interface up at 10g and that won’t work with this SFP model, I guess I need to change some config?

Yes, you need to flash a different system boot file (BL2) as the ethernet driver currently does not have the ability to change the controller speed from 10G->1G on a running system.

See “Using 1G SFPs” on how to do this.

To use two 1G SFPs you need to flash the bl2_qspi_both_sfp_1g.pbl file from the recovery firmware.
You can download the file itself from here.

It can also be found in the firmware flash tarball under arm-trusted-firmware/build/ten64/debug/bl2_qspi_both_sfp_1g.pbl

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Thanks for the instruction, worked out perfectly