Adventures in changing to mt7915e cards

I’ve now got two new cards based on mt7915e, but I think I’m hitting Changing wireless settings breaks wireless [X5000R] · Issue #5468 · openwrt/luci · GitHub and [openwrt/luci] Changing disassoc_low_ack wireless settings breaks 5g wireless [X5000R] · Issue #5771 · openwrt/luci · GitHub, plus some strangeness around 2.4g and 5g wifi configuration.

Will keep a log here of what happens.

It also seems like I might need patches from here: Linux Wireless Mailing List - Patchwork

(top) AX is slower than (bottom) AC :frowning:

Might be better to wait for a 22.03 or master based build. These should have everything for 11ax and MT7915 in there.
I’ve been working on it in the last couple of days but haven’t pushed a tree yet.

The top result looks a lot like 2.4GHz. Is it possible you have the 2.4G and 5G networks swapped around?

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OK I’ll wait

I don’t think so. I’ve left one of the QCA cards in for the 2.4ghz network for now, mainly because it was really hard to tell the two mt7915 cards apart.


I don’t actually remember why I bought these two (the 1800 and 2400 cards) in particular, but it seems like the DBDC card isn’t fully supported yet.

About 20cm away from the Ten64 I hit 900 megabit on iperf3!

It drops off pretty rapidly after that - a good 500 to 600 megabit though

@mcbridematt just as a heads up, somewhere between r19302-df622768da and r19583-4e8d095013 the mt79 driver was really broken (testing on a non-Ten64 board though, so YMMV)

@mcbridematt is the branch in a state I can try on my device?

I’ve just pushed the 22.03 muvirt, it was delayed due to some 22.03 updates I had to dance around (firewall4, blockd) but otherwise it should be good to go.