Appstore image URL not working

Trying to deploy Ubu2004 image to Ten64 using the baremetal app store.
The officialdistro registry URL to download images for at least all Ubuntu distro doesn’t work.

ERROR: Could not get image size for download
If issue persists, please file a bug for this listing

after debugging, I have found that curl returned error 77, relating to error with CA.
As a workaround, I have added -k to check image and download image functions in /usr/sbin/baremetal-deploy lua script.

Argh… Lets Encrypt DST strikes again!

The recovery firmware is due to be updated to kernel 5.10 (OpenWrt 21.02), was blocked due to lack of ramdisk/NAND build for it (now fixed). Hopefully there will be a test build soon.

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