Bare Metal Rockstor Issue (Support/Help)

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, Absolutely can accept user error to some degree.

Following the FAQ and such to install content, and I just cannot get this image to work at all no matter what I try.
I’ve removed everything from the Ten64 that I can to prevent some conflict or something (MMC card, USB Disk, etc)

I get the same boot error with both the Appstore Image installed to an NVME (HynixP31 512gb) and a SSD (Intel DC180GB)

I have saved all the Serial terminal output for diagnostics to assist;

Steps to repeat:

  1. Open recovery mode, use cfdisk and gdisk to wipe partitions, boot records and make disk clean.
  2. baremetal deploy on nvme0n1 or sda (ssd) then once complete, reboot.
  3. boot process takes place (per the above pastebin of boot process output)

and thats as far as it gets. the output in that pastebin is my SSD, not sure what else to try at this stage, perhaps the image is bad or something?

This is an old openSUSE kernel bug which has made it’s way into Rockstor.

A newer image based on Leap 15.4 won’t have this problem, but I don’t think they have been released yet.
Let me see if I can “bake” one.

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The appliance store now has Rockstor 4.5.6 / Built on Leap 15.4. This one works bare-metal without issues.

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Thankyou Matt!
I will give this a try later today after dinner :smiley:

thankyou very much for all your work!