Chat channel (slack / IRC / matrix)?

Is there a chat channel (IRC / slack / matrix) that can be used to discuss using the Ten64 boards?

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Not at the moment.

I’m also mindful that most of our customer base is located out of our timezone (GMT+10) so there won’t be someone around from Traverse most of the time in EU or US… so ‘async’ communications (forum) could be better for now.

That said, what chat medium would people prefer?

My main consideration is that I don’t want the overhead of having to admin/host any servers, so Slack or Discord would be my preference, maybe Matrix if there is a good host out there.

Personally IRC would be my preferred format - Debian and OpenWRT use so that seems a good fit.


I like IRC and floating around the linux domains, (And FOSS Broadly)

I registered the #ten64 channel on as suggested by @graham. I would be more than happy to hand over control of the channel to someone from Traverse technologies.

Thanks @mithro - finally dusted off my copy of mIRC 5 (just kidding) and jumped in :slight_smile: