Compex WLE1216VX - Unable to fetch board-2.bin or board.bin

Hi. I have inserted a Compex WLE1216VX into the Ten64 and when I run dmesg to troubleshoot why it doesn’t show up in OpenWRT. it looks like it is missing a couple of files for the card to run??? Going to copy the missing files from a repo with the atk10k files to see if that helpsl

[ 18.256189] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: Adding to iommu group 3
[ 18.261949] ath10k 5.4 driver, optimized for CT firmware, probing pci device: 0x46.
[ 18.269633] ath10k_mac_create, priv_size: 1624 hw: 0000000049a276c5 hw->priv: 000000006c25f5a4
[ 18.279280] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: pci irq msi oper_irq_mode 2 irq_mode 0 reset_mode 0
[ 18.627675] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: qca9984/qca9994 hw1.0 target 0x01000000 chip_id 0x00000000 sub 168c:cafe
[ 18.637609] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: kconfig debug 0 debugfs 1 tracing 0 dfs 1 testmode 0
[ 18.645956] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: firmware ver 10.4b-ct-9984-fW-13-795874169 api 5 features mfp,peer-flow-ctrl,txstatus-noack,wmi-10.x-CT,ratemask-CT,regdump-CT,txrate-CT,flush-all-CT,pingpong-CT,ch-regs-CT,nop-CT,set-special-CT,tx-rc-CT,cust-stats-CT,txrate2-CT,beacon-cb-CT,wmi-block-ack-CT,wmi-bcn-rc-CT crc32 f3d4b769
[ 19.975742] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: failed to fetch board data for bus=pci,bmi-chip-id=0,bmi-board-id=11 from ath10k/QCA9984/hw1.0/board-2.bin
[ 19.988661] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: failed to fetch board-2.bin or board.bin from ath10k/QCA9984/hw1.0
[ 19.998066] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: failed to fetch board file: -2
[ 20.004377] ath10k_pci 0001:04:00.0: could not probe fw (-2)


Our OpenWrt uses the ath10k-ct driver by default.
It appears ath10k-ct does not yet support the dual-band WLE1216VX card:

I’ve used the single band variant of this card successfully (WLE1216-V5), as well as other QCA9xxx cards so this is why I said the card should work, had I known this specific issue I would have recommended the single-band version instead :frowning:

Anyway, it looks like there is a simple patch available, if you’re familiar with OpenWrt development you could try applying it:

(It will need a few modifications as the patch was for 4.19 but we have 5.10)

If not I could try adding it into the next OpenWrt build I do, the next one will be to update to 21.02-rc4.

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Will try sometime this week to roll in the patch. If not, I look forward to 21.02-rc4.


Good news, I’ve uploaded my latest OpenWrt branched (21.02-rc4 + 5.10 kernel) and it has the WLE1216VX patch inside.

I have only regression tested with my single-band WLE1216-V5 card but it compiles and the dual_band attribute is not rejected by the module.

rmmod ath10k_pci
rmmod ath10k_core
insmod ath10k_core dual_band=5
insmod ath10k_pci

You will still need to pull the firmware out of the .zip linked from the OpenWrt forum thread.
Latest images here:

You can use the OpenWrt built in upgrade with the .img.gz file