Fanless Enclosure

On the Traverse website I see there now exists a Fanless version of the Ten64 system. Is it possible to just buy the enclosure and transplant an existing system to it? I would really like to be able to run this fanless. (Because of dust etc…)


We have a couple of samples but have not started a production run of them yet.

They can accept the current Ten64 boards, but require a special “low profile” SODIMM, as the internal height is slightly less than the current enclosure. These special SODIMMs are also (currently) only available in 8GB.

To solve this issue, there is a new board revision planned that changes the RAM slot to a standard “right angle” slot, though the M.2/SSD slot will be reduced to a max height of 42mm. The smaller SSDs are much easier to get than than the special SODIMMs so this is a good compromise.
This new board will have the newer TPM and other changes as well.

I don’t have a firm timeline for these new boards yet, I hope to have samples in the next few months but they aren’t likely to be on sale until early next year.

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I noticed that the CrowdSupply site says that “Orders placed now ship Apr 04, 2024.”
Is that guaranteed to be the new version, or should I wait for an announcement here first?

Sorry, the next CrowdSupply shipment will be the current hardware version.
The next Ten64 board revision has been delayed while some changes are being evaluated (e.g for WiFi7 setups) and a few other component changes.