Hosting Bare Metal Appliance Store

Is there any instructions on how to host the Bare Metal Appliance Store on my local network, along with the OS images it depends on? I’d like to reduce my internet bandwidth consumption, especially as I automate things.

I have a server with ample disk space, so I could host things on HTTP on my local network, rsync changes at a regular cadence, and override settings such that it uses the HTTP local network, instead of going to the internet.

Not yet. “Private” appliance stores and mirrors are something that would be nice to have.

The appliance store listings are generated by arm-image-registry by finding images directly from the distributions.
The output is just a bunch of JSON files (+ the manipulator scripts).

To build a local mirror, one could write a script that takes the files from our server, downloads the images referenced and puts the new URLs in the JSON. (Make sure the shasums match when you download the images!)