Image download fails for FreeBSD

Trying to provision a FreeBSD VM on muvirt. This fails. Probably more fallout from the lestencrypt root rotation. If I try to download by hand I get:

curl -v
*  CA signer not available for verification
curl: (77)  CA signer not available for verification

Are there any temporary workarounds?

I have a new build that fixes this issue: download sysupgrade .tar.gz or see all other files.

This switches the SSL library for (lib)curl from the (OpenWrt default) wolfssl to openssl. It should fix all LetsEncrypt DST expiry related issues.
(OpenSSL is preferred on our hardware as it supports the ARM Crypto extensions, wolfssl ended up being used by accident)

An updated recovery firmware to fix the baremetal side is coming in the next few days to fix the same issue.