Installing Fedora

I am trying to install fedora from the baremetal appliance store. I am however seeing an error…

Using manipulator script: /tmp/manipulator-script.lua
lua: [string “/tmp/manipulator-script.lua”]:11: ERROR: A newer recovery firmware is required, please see
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
[string “/tmp/manipulator-script.lua”]:11: in function ‘do_manipulate’
/usr/sbin/run-manipulate:58: in main chunk
[C]: ?

I have however installed the latest recovery image I could find (which is however a year old…)

After installing fedora this way the system no longer boots from EFI, so the manipulator script appears not to have done what is was supposed to do…

Did I miss something?

You haven’t missed anything, I forgot to push my updates.

This version will work with Fedora 37. F37 moved to a new btrfs-based partition layout so some updates were required to deal with it.

Procedure: Download recovery.itb and use the mtd tool to flash from Recovery or OpenWrt-NAND

mtd erase recovery && mtd write recovery.itb recovery

Thanks. This worked.

Note the Fedora by default puts SWAP on zram, so the swap partition that the manipulator creates is not used, and enabling it fails. I just removed the entry from /etc/fstab

Then I updated, and I am now on kernel 6.2
Any advantages that having this recent kernel brings?