Muvirt: cannot access vm console

I have a problem to access the console of the example vm in muVirt.

From command-line level

$ muvirt-console examplevm
chown: unknown user muvirt-console

I have installed shadow-useradd and shadow-common packages, and added the user, then:

$ grep muvirt /etc/passwd

$ muvirt-console examplevm

With web-console, I am getting

The requested URL /vmconsole/examplevm/f4505bfa0cd0/ was not found on this server.

at the same time on logs

Fri Apr 15 15:28:42 2022 daemon.notice ttyd[27395]:   start command: /usr/sbin/muvirt-console examplevm
Fri Apr 15 15:28:42 2022 daemon.notice ttyd[27395]:   close signal: SIGHUP (1)

I have installed muvirt-21.02.2-traverse-r0-16642-b340b05020-arm64-efi-ten64-mtd-squashfs-nand.ubi, but then restored OpenWrt confguration with sysupgrade -r, so I suspect some muVirt files got overridden.

I have reinstalled muVirt package with

$ opkg install --force-reinstall --force-postinstall muvirt
$ service muvirt restart

but still cannot access the console of the example vm.

@mcbridematt Any suggestions?

Changing both muvirt-console user and muvirt-console group to 1123 helped. Leaving above post for someone who will run into similar issue.

Yes, I think the default /etc/passwd with the muvirt-console UID/GID got overridden by sysupgrade. opkg should have added it when you did a force reinstall of the muvirt package, or it might have refused for some reason.

I’ll put this on my TODO list to look at. I definitely want to allow ‘forward’ upgrades from OpenWrt->muvirt.

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