Muvirt issues, and where to file them

I have a few issues with muvirt right now. What is actually the right place to file issues/bug reports?

Issues I have currently are:

  • opkg update does not work because of a certificate issue. Adding “–no-check-certificate” works around that, but that should not be needed.

  • storage management shows free space as if it is used space, and you cannot remove disks from there…

The best place would be the top level project

This was due to the Lets Encrypt root rollover, not the first issue with this I have seen today.

I have just refreshed the certificates on our archive server and that has fixed problems using curl/wget/opkg with it.

Known issue, will fix the free space/used space issue soon.

There is also a new build here: Index of /pub/traverse/software/muvirt/branches/master/379181613/image/ that fixes many other small issues.

I will post the full list of changes tomorrow (it’s Friday night here!) along with other related projects (OpenWrt, kernel).

Thanks. I am already using the latest image. And the certificate issue seems to be fixed too.
Now that you mention, I’ve seen quite few cert issues today…