No /proc/mounts

After editing mountpoints in luci and clicking save, something goes really wrong


/etc/config/fstab still looks okay though

Do you have “anonymous mounts” enabled? (option anon_mount 1)

I think that’s the cause, blockd is likely trying to (re)mount / , /boot etc. without realizing they’ve been already mounted as part of the system boot.
A similar thing happens on ubifs/NAND as well so I guess it needs some adjustments to work with non-traditional OpenWrt systems.
(“traditional” = OpenWrt on NOR)

No, that doesn’t seem to be set.

I finally tracked down the cause of this! There is an “autofs” scan done when you click the ‘Save & Apply’ button on the mount points screen. The scan did not recognize the disk drive mounted as / so it fired a hotplug event to unmount it.

Preliminary patch here:

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Thanks for this. I note it isn’t available in - any chance of including it in a new build?

Fix is in the 22.03 branch as of this build:

I’ve been intending to revisit it before submitting upstream, ideally it needs to be regression tested on a “traditional” (NOR/jffs2) OpenWrt device.