OpenWrt 22.03.3

@mcbridematt Do you mind if I ask you if there are any plans for new firmware release based on [OpenWrt 22.03.3](: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt 22.03.3 - Service Release - 9 January 2023)?

  1. There are several CVEs fixed
  2. mt7916 and mt792 firmware included

The last 22.03 build I committed should have the 22.03.3 fixes in them, it was up to date as of 30 January.

22.03.4 should be officially released very soon (today?), so I’ll push a build on the exact commit.


thanks for the info and clarification!

Is there any update in getting the device included in the official builds?
I believe the next major version 23.0x is just around the corner.

Not through lack of trying, the pull request has been open for a while :frowning:
But I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

Our strategy is to push a generic ARM64 port which will work on all Arm hardware which supports the SystemReady (e.g EFI boot) standards. I think there was a perception issue as we were one of the first to do this.

We have done a bit of rework to expand hardware supported by armvirt*, which hopefully will make it clear that it’s not just about us:

*Yes the armvirt name is silly and we want to change it. It’s just easier for OpenWrt right now if we take over an existing target.

I might write to the OpenWrt-devel mailing list next week and ask if anyone has any serious objections.

We are working with some other ecosystem partners on this, who wish to adopt this as their OpenWrt solution. There are some other Ten64 updates related to this so we will be making a lot more noise about it when we are ready to do so. Sorry I’m being a bit vague!

(The NAND version will likely need to be split and added to the existing layerscape target. I’m just waiting until I finish our U-Boot update before doing that)


Thanks for the info, fingers crossed. the strategy works. You’ve done a lot of work on it.

Thanks again for supporting the ten64 platform so well.

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22.03.4 build now available: Index of /pub/traverse/ls1088firmware/openwrt/branches/22_03/838920709/image/

And a refresh of the master branch (a more recent version of the pull request above):

Notable changes (on our side):

  • luci-ssl-openssl installed by default, turning on HTTPS from luci should now work [Note: you may need to go to the luci https:// site manually after applying, it won’t bounce you there automatically]
  • adguardhome added to our package collection

I’m busy with another project, so have not tested these as much as I would like. But as simple rebases they should be OK.


22.03.4 might have issues: MR8300 doesn't boot 22.03.4 (as expected) - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

@mcbridematt Do you mind if I ask you to update muVirt for the latest OpenWrt version as well?

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Ditto from me too. (@wrobell) as it stands the only thing holding me back is the kmods.
and the raid mods for openwrt, “kmod-md-raid456”
Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 11.19.17 pm

I have been stubbornly learning this device since I got it ages ago and still yet to make use of it fully because of breaking it accidentally, or stuff like this that I cannot personally overcome.

but i admit, once I have it all setup and supported, I am so very much going to do an OPENWRT NAS guide. I thought Rockstor would be cool but wow, so many drawbacks with it from BTRFS file system, and how it handles docker components (having to make json files for the dockers not in their repo)

It has been a very fun ride with this, I will stick with it, but really. for me, seems like OPENWRT is the go, a RAID ARRAY, and Docker :smiley:
(and I admit, I could have probably posted these issues sooner, but I wanted to learn more and explore my device more.)

Sure, here it is: Index of /pub/traverse/software/muvirt/branches/master/848957888/image/

My energy the past few weeks has been focused on getting OpenWrt and u-boot updated and up-streamed so sorry I missed it!

Alright, I think I’ll just turn on (almost) all the kmods now. I just need some way of separating my test build config (small as possible to reduce build time) from the ‘public’ build config.

Hopefully we will be in OpenWrt soon so there will be less of these issues. But we will keep building our own images as there is always going to be something too-new to have in OpenWrt.

Matt, you always do amazing work.

My suggestion is keep your setup as slim as possible, if there is stuff i want then I pull it from a repo.
I say this as someone who very much strips garbage from windows iso’s to make it slimmer.
(And I accept I am probably a special case here using more functions on it than enterprise would with set and forget)

So, if the modules can just be made compatible, thats all I need, no need to cram them into your vanilla image at all, i can always add later.

You are wonderful and I know you’ve been busy with many things, but also, thankyou for your time, responses to my questions and frankly, the odd requests that I do! (Pat yourself on the back or a bluetooth high five!)

New stuff is good and bleeding edge is fun, been waiting for parity with openwrt native and sooon the kmods I want will work, it will be glorious! (I know the holdup is them as you posted earlier in the thread)

In summary;

Do the OS the way you want, let me add to it the way I want without forcing my stuff on others.
Just let me opkg install stuff and we good! :slightly_smiling_face:
That keeps yours slim, and mine customisable.

It is the linux way! :wink:

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