OpenWrt 22.03 test image now available

Hi all,

An OpenWrt 22.03-rc test image is now available.

This should not be too different to what is everyone is using at the moment, as our 21.02 images were using kernel 5.10.

One major change in 22.03 is support for WiFi6/802.11ax using MediaTek MT7915 modules. (ath11k_pci ones will need to wait for master/5.15)

There is a change in the OpenWrt target from arm64 to armvirt per feedback on my OpenWrt pull request. Upgrades from our 21.02 arm64 images are supported for both ext4 and NAND (provided you have updated for the squashfs migration).

I am still working on a 22.03 version of μVirt - it should be out in a matter of days.

edit May 23: new build now includes restool support and other fsl-mc patches not present in the previous version


Hi Matt,

Any chance to pull in the 5G patches against libqmi etc. from μVirt?


The 22.03 tree already has libqmi 1.30.4 (vs 1.28.x in 21.02), which has 5G support. Unless I have missed something?

I was referring to the four patches here:

Not sure if these got folded into upstream OpenWRT or not?

They are part of OpenWrt in 22.03 and later (since they have libqmi 1.30.x), so those patches aren’t needed anymore.
I backported them to μVirt as it wasn’t possible to easily update to a later libqmi on 21.02.

Thanks for clarifying; I wasn’t sure if those were patches direct from Quectel and not part of OpenWRT.