OpenWRT rebase on final 21.02 release?

Possibly, I think the SDK might be pulling the wrong kernel configuration, even if you downloaded the SDK package for that particular build.

Can you check the feeds.conf.default in the SDK?
If it uses a branch name like:

src-git base;arm64-2102

Locate the git commit corresponding to the build you are running from the gitlab CI builds page (check /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf if unsure)
For example, build pipeline 432907590 → 462f4af8b9390e54a30a7efe03784b29d1056f90

src-git base^462f4af8b9390e54a30a7efe03784b29d1056f90)

Run ./scripts/feeds updates and try building the module again.

I’ll try and get this fixed for new builds. I think it came from OpenWrt’s defaults for release branches.

Yes, the latest build is based on 21.02.1. The OpenWrt builds are slightly ahead (‘21.02.1+’) as there are new patches which appear to fix WiFi issues, I’ll sync them soon.

(Sorry if you were looking at - the build date next to muvirt was wrong, but the build details are correct)

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Unfortunately no luck.
Just confirming image I’m using. Using muvirt with the virtual machine using Openwrt image.
Hence build pipeline was per your exact example.

Judging by the commit (in the MOTD), it looks like you are actually running this one:

I found that the ‘magic’ string in the kernel version is defined in include/ in the SDK. If it’s still giving you issues you could try to change it:

grep b5bef3d4b31dc59739cc3fec5a69297b include/
  LINUX_VERMAGIC:=$(if $(LINUX_VERMAGIC),$(LINUX_VERMAGIC),b5bef3d4b31dc59739cc3fec5a69297b)