OpenWRT rebase on final 21.02 release?


The OpenWRT release supportd by Traverse is based on 21.02 rc03.
Meanwhile, there has been rc04 and a final release for 21.02.

Could you please share whether there is a roadmap to rebase on the final release?

That would help for:



I’m looking forward as well to this.

I greatly appreciate the effort Matthew puts behind the release of these versions and happy to wait patiently for the release.

Do we also have a timeline for the integration of the Ten64 firmware into the official OpenWRT repository, as I’m guessing once this happens we will have access to all the standard package repositories.

A rebase on the 21.02 final release should be available in the next week or two. I had actually just finished -rc4 a day before the final release came out.

There is a bit of work involved as the 21.02 builds we distribute have the 5.10 kernel instead of 5.4 used in the official 21.02 release. (There is too much stuff we want in >=5.10 and/or would be too hard to bring back to 5.4) However, they should be binary compatible with 21.02 packages/ipks (excluding kernel modules). We expect to maintain this 21.02 “branch” going forward as a “stable” option for customers.

The main reason there is only a “minimal” package collection for our builds is to keep build times down (it takes about 1 hour to do the public builds at the moment, I don’t want it to go longer than that)

Happy to take package suggestions and add them for our users (and I have noted the ones mentioned on the forum already) and I think I can optimize our CI builds to have more caching as well.

I’m hoping to do a submission for OpenWrt in October or November. The reason it has not happened yet is that it involves a new “generic” arm64 target (not “layerscape”) for reasons explained on this openwrt-devel post. Now that 21.02 is out and 5.10 is moving to be the “default” kernel the timing is better now.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Well, in term of package suggestion, if that package could be added I could then support my use case that requires DNETMAP (for IPv6 NPT on multi-wan IPV6 setup).

Thanks for all your work!

Hi all,
There is a build rebased on 21.02 final + kernel 5.10.64 now available.
You can use openwrt-arm64-efi-generic-ext4-combined.img.gz with OpenWrt’s sysupgrade.

I have not tested too intensively but its passed my basic checks. Should not be any major changes from previous -rc3/-rc4 builds.

If there are no issues I’ll make it the default OpenWrt appliance in a few days.


@mcbridematt could we get the same for muvirt?

Shall this work with NAND as well?

Apologies, not yet. I need to add support for generating NAND/ubifs to the OpenWrt tree.
Should be coming very soon.

That will be coming next week. On top of the rebase I’m rolling in various minor fixes (e.g GRUB falling back to built-in config) and additions (your UUID patch and more)

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