Packages wishlist for uVirt

To circumvent the spawning of one thread per desired package, I created this thread. I hope this becomes then simpler to track for @mcbridematt :slight_smile:

My first wish:

WPA3 support

  • [given] hostapd-openssl
  • [missing] wpa-supplicant-openssl
  • [missing] wpad-openssl

see [OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi /etc/config/wireless

Is it actually possible to install upstream OpenWRT pacakges on uVirt?

I’m looking for speedtest tools for example.

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Yes. uVirt is built ontop of OpenWRT, so the ipk files can be put on it just fine :smiley: I’ve done that with many I have needed as the default repo lacked some packages I require.

Granted, no ones tested the ones you are putting into your machine so make a backup incase it goes sideways catastrophically.
(Of which I have also done) haha :smiley: