Pigtail length and connectors for SIM8200EU

I want to use a SIM8200EU card but the pigtails I received with it (I bought it as part of a kit) are not long enough for the TEN64Case.
I order 300mm long ones, but with the wrong connector at one end. They do not fit the card…

So what should I order? I am a bit confused about all the different types out there. Simcom themselves mention that the cards have an IPEX-4 connector. Is that the same as MHF4?
On mouser I can buy pigtails with this connector, but the longest length they have is 200mm. Would this be longe enough for the Ten64 Case?

Yes, IPEX4 == MHF4.

250mm is needed to reach the top-left corner antenna holes from the cellular/Key B, 300mm would be more comfortable.

Let me check where we got ours from, I think we found a supplier that was able to make longer lengths.

We have also done some RF testing recently, if you are using the antenna holes on the sides of the unit it is best to have the lower-frequency (700/800/900) antennas on the right side close to the card and the 5G (3.5GHz) ones further away. We will add ‘optimal’ antenna/cable mappings to the manual some time soon.

I need to reach the six holes in the back right. I think 200 mm may do it. Mouser does have these in stock, so I ordered some.
I intend to use it with an external antenna.

I got the pigtails today, and installed them 200mm works fine for connecting to the rear 6 holes.
The part I ordered is made by Taoglas, and they seem to have a better connection to the card as well, compared to the ones I used before.

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