Power, reset button input

Hello. I plan to install the Ten64 board into a NAS case. I’d like to get some pointers on where I should be connecting the case reset/power button input. I’ve looked at this:


The control header seems to be the right spot for this. As it contains 26 pins, and I don’t find where pin 1 is, I’m weary of damaging the board. Does anybody have experience? Maybe even a photo or diagram that would make it super clear?



The ATX header on the board is exactly for this:

On some newer cases the entire connector will plug directly, on others you need to plug in each individual signal.

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@mcbridematt Guess I had my head too deep into the other documentation. It’s an older case actually - a Fraktal Array R2 Mini ITX NAS Case. There is one 2 pin connector labelled “POWER 5W” (one green, one grey) and then two individual wires each labelled “POWER LED” (one green, one white). I’ll give it a whirl likely tomorrow as I don’t want to incorrectly connect it. Thanks for the documentation pointer.

I don’t mind seeing these sorts of questions on the forum as it could hint that the manual needs to make things a bit clearer (or more discoverable) :slight_smile:

In case anyone is reading this now, the control header page has been updated with a note about ATX control/LED pins and a more visual GPIO header pinout.

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