Power supply specs?


The documentation at Power Connector - Traverse Ten64 Documentation doesn’t seem to include any information about the power draw of the Ten64? (I’m guessing it somewhat depends on what is plugged into the device – but it would be good to have some information listed.) The Hardware Compatibility List - Traverse Ten64 Documentation page doesn’t seem to list any specs in this area either.

The back of the case lists 12V - 5A (60 Watts?) – that might be worth putting on the website somewhere?

It would be great if you could also list the barrel jack connector size found on the stock case. Again the back of the case lists it as center positive.

Thanks again!

There is some information on the power draw in the FAQ. I’ll put a link to it in the power connector page.

Typical consumption (measured with a lab power supply) is between 14-18W with RAM and SSD installed.

RAM modules with many chips (16,32GB), wireless modules/modems and USB devices can increase the power draw, but we haven’t seen more than 30W drawn in practice.

The amperage rating (5A) on the Ten64 compliance label is reflective of the maximum draw the Ten64 power system has been designed to provide in a ‘maxed-out’ situation with high power WiFi and Cellular cards installed.

(These numbers come from operating with a lab power supply, actual usage from ‘the wall’ would be couple of % higher due to the PSU itself)

The barrel connector is 2.5mm. Another trap is that the connectors of some PSUs are too short. The connector needs to be around 12mm long to work.

I thought I had seen this information in the documentation previously (so was surprised when I couldn’t find it)!

Links to the FAQ from the Power Connector / Hardware Compatibility pages would certainly be useful.