Purchase outside of US possible?

Tried to get Ten64 on Mouser, but they told me this:

The CCATS and 740 license information that allows us to export out of the U.S. is unavailable at this time, but we are working with our supplier to receive this information.


The Ten64 is export controlled due to the cryptography/encryption capabilities of the LS1088 SoC.

That does not prevent it from being exported from the US but it does mean we need to wait for the export paperwork to be finished first. This issue is currently holding up shipments to non-US backers on Crowd Supply as well.

Apologies for the wait, hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.

@mcbridematt That might be worth mentioning in an update on Crowd Supply - the last info there was 6 weeks ago that backer’s units were already on their way to the US, I suspect I’m not the only non-US person who was wondering what was going on.

(And while I get that not having to deal with fulfilment is part of the value you get from using Crowd Supply, it is a little frustrating waiting for ??? weeks for my unit to travel from Melbourne to the States and back again when North Fitzroy is just around the corner :sob:)

Sorry about the silence, one reason updates don’t come through there very often is that there is a bit of a process for getting updates posted on crowdsupply.com, if they are busy with campaigns launching/about to launch it can take a while to go through.

I do post more timely updates on Twitter over here: https://twitter.com/traversetechau

(The export control issue mentioned in this thread has only come to light in the past few days (not unexpectedly), it is not the same as the issue mentioned on twitter which was to do with European CE documentation for bundled accessories)

I’ll try and get an update from them about these issues tonight, hopefully it will resolved in a matter of days. All the stock has been processed and shipping orders have been created, it’s just a matter of clearance to let them fly out the door.

Yes it is a bit crazy for stuff to travel Melbourne → US → and back, there is no way we could ship direct to (non-business) consumers everywhere else in the world given these types of issues though!

Originally Ten64’s were going to be shipped from Malaysia to the Mouser warehouse but we had a couple of curveballs so we did the final packing in Melbourne.

I am thinking of listing Ten64’s for direct purchase on Amazon AU (or similar) once Crowd Supply has finished their fulfillment, this will only be for AU/NZ end customers and will be fulfilled from our office(s) on a ‘best effort’ basis.


again when North Fitzroy is just around the corner

haha, Know them feels, East Melbourne (Yarra Valley) myself.
it bites but I am glad to have found this post to see the delay is the USA… otherwise I would not know.
I agree an update on Crowd supply would be nice to see, but seeing Matt has to seek approval for those posts would make it hard as news probably trickles down and you need a complete picture before posting up any news.


listing Ten64’s for direct purchase on Amazon AU

That would be cool, even for the user serviceable parts/replacements. that would be helpful. those overseas can organise their own shipping forwarder if they needed. I mean locally (as an Aussie) having stuff near and not shipping from overseas would be INFINITELY better.

Greatly appreciate the work and effort Matt, Understandable that there would be some frustrations with shipping. Stay awesome! <3

Hello all,

There has been substantial progress on these issues in the last few days between us, Crowd Supply and Mouser. We have had a couple of extra hoops to jump through as there is particular documentation required for communications equipment with encryption capabilities. This was not unexpected though navigating this is difficult without help from an expert in this area (thankfully Mouser does have a few of them).

edit: Crowd Supply update post is here:

The New ETA for sending out remaining orders is August 9th

The good news is that all non-US orders should be cleared to ship once the documentation has been submitted to the US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

International customers may be asked to fill an ‘end-user certificate’ describing the intended end-use, if you intend to re-export the product and to declare you aren’t subject to any US sanctions. If this is required, Crowd Supply will contact you.

Yes, this would be to help local customers get around the effects of AUD-USD and shipping rates, and the more local customers the better!

Crowd Supply / Mouser actually have a significant amount of Ten64’s in stock so we continue to recommend international customers buy from there.

So, is it because you made the mistake of sending the units to Mouser that the US government feels it has the jurisdiction over an Australian product manufactured in Malaysia from Dutch parts? It feels rather moot to try to restrict export from the US of a product that has already been outside the US once…

The Layerscape family, including the LS1088A came from the Freescale Semiconductor acquisition in 2016. It is very much a US product so it’s unlikely to escape export controls for just ‘passing through’ the US. The export controls mostly care about where the product is going to end up (e.g not in a sanctioned country) rather than where is has been up to that point.

Many countries/jurisdictions have similar export controls including the EU.

Going to request a refund.
I simply cannot afford to pay any more money on this thing and with UPS now requesting $250 ontop of an already $1500 device, its exceptionally hard to justify. :’(

I wanna cry that I had so much hopes for this thing and now cant afford to ship it into Australia to use it. :’(

@CyberBlade Huh,that doesn’t sound right. Crowd Supply should have already paid GST for you.

Can you forward me any details to matt at traverse.com.au?

fwiw I had the same thing - UPS contacted me yesterday for ~$230 in import fees. I’d assumed this was different from the GST I’d already paid (Crowd Supply contacted me a while ago for an additional payment to cover GST).

Thanks to you both and very sorry you’ve been caught up with this.

If anyone else in Australia, EU, UK or Switzerland gets a tax/GST/VAT invoice - do NOT pay it and take no action until further advised.

Already, paid before I read this :open_mouth:

Speaking to UPS they advised the GST must be paid at time of import for items greater than A$1000. and overseas entities should only charge GST for less than the amount. I sent an email to Josh from Crowsupply but he hasn’t responded it.

The shipments should have been coded as “DDP” (deliveries duty paid) so the sender pays the GST. Not sure why that didn’t happen here. Josh has told me he is looking into it.
If UPS can’t refund the GST then Crowd Supply will reimburse that amount.