SFP+ modules compatibility

Hopefully my device will finally arrive today. I’m looking at using the SFP+ module to connect to my 10G network.

in relation to purchasing a DAC+ cable or other SFP+ modules, is there any compatibility concerns or just get a DAC cable compatible with my switch?

Yes, I would choose a DAC that is compatible with your switch. There is no vendor enforcement/restrictions on the Ten64 end.

The only types of modules not supported are 10GBase-LRM (10G over ‘legacy’/‘orange’ multimode fiber) and dual-speed (1/10G) transceivers.

There is a list of tested modules in the ‘Hardware Compatibility List’

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I have used both a 10Gtek (emulating the Cisco DAC[1]) and the standard white SFP+ Ubiquti DAC cable - both worked fine for me, but I only tested them on one switch.

graham@r1-u6-er1:~$ show interfaces ethernet eth8 transceiver
    Identifier                                : 0x03 (SFP)
    Extended identifier                       : 0x04 (GBIC/SFP defined by 2-wire interface ID)
    Connector                                 : 0x21 (Copper pigtail)
    Transceiver codes                         : 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x04 0x00 0x00 0x00
    Transceiver type                          : Passive Cable
    Encoding                                  : 0x00 (unspecified)
    BR, Nominal                               : 10300MBd
    Rate identifier                           : 0x00 (unspecified)
    Length (SMF,km)                           : 0km
    Length (SMF)                              : 0m
    Length (50um)                             : 0m
    Length (62.5um)                           : 0m
    Length (Copper)                           : 1m
    Length (OM3)                              : 0m
    Passive Cu cmplnce.                       : 0x01 (SFF-8431 appendix E) [SFF-8472 rev10.4 only]
    Vendor name                               : OEM
    Vendor OUI                                : 00:40:20
    Vendor PN                                 : SFP-H10GB-CU1M
    Vendor rev                                : R
    Option values                             : 0x00 0x00
    BR margin, max                            : 0%
    BR margin, min                            : 0%
    Vendor SN                                 : <snip>
    Date code                                 : 200721
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