Ten64 rev c changes

Hi there - what are the changes made to move the board to rev C? Were there any mechanical changes impacted? hole locations, size, component heights, etc?

The changes list can be found here:

RevC was the first production version and is the version currently sold through Crowd Supply and Mouser
RevD is a cost down variant that removes the USB hub and PCIe switch, externally it only has one USB-A port (this is not currently on our website but will be soon)

Both have the same set of motherboard mounting holes. If you have specific mechanical questions we could supply you with a SolidWorks or STEP file which has all the major components on it.

It would be great if you can send me the solidworks file for comparison and use in our design.

Thank you in advance and for sharing the link above!

Send an email to me : matt at traverse.com.au identifying yourself / your company and what your intended use is and I’ll get the info for you. If you are doing something complex it might be better to speak to our design/mechanical exports.