Using sr-iov on ten64


Simple question here: Is it possible to use sr-iov on ten64 ?
I am using FreeBSD and have no clue what to set the device option to in iovctl.conf file.

PCIe SR-IOV isn’t supported by the network controller.

The DPAA2 network block can do something very similar with DPRC containers but there isn’t any support for doing VM passthrough with these on FreeBSD at the moment.

I have run FreeBSD as a DPAA2 passthrough guest on Linux though.

* Interestingly, you can configure an LS1088 as a PCIe endpoint with SR-IOV to make your own “SmartNIC”. If you see any mentions of “SR-IOV” in NXP documentation, this is what they are referring to

What is DPRC ? Do you have implementation examples ?
What is your star ( * Interestingly, you can configure an LS1088… ) referring to ?

Have a look at this thread for information on the DPAA2 Network passthrough:

DPAA2 has a ‘container’ concept, so each container (DPRC) will have a network interface and some supporting resources (like buffers and data portals) in it.
The virtualization passthrough (like SR-IOV) works by creating a child DPRC and having the resources you want in the VM inside it, with some resources linked to the parent container.

Just to clarify, some NXP documentation refers to SR-IOV being supported on this CPU. It’s not the same, they are referring to when the CPU is being used as an “accelerator” card inside another server

From this presentation: