Vyos Build - My Repo

Hey all,

I have managed to get a reliable build of Vyos (finally :slight_smile: ) using this repo for people who are interested https://github.com/grahamhayes/vyos-build/

I did not run it in docker. The steps I did are:

Build kernel from the vyos-build/packages/linux-kernel at ten64-build · grahamhayes/vyos-build · GitHub folder.

Build sensors package (not 100% this is working properly tbh) using the out-of-tree.sh file, and copying the output up one folder.

Get the telegraf arm64 deb and put it in the packages folder.

Build vyos-utils from the GitHub - vyos/vyos-utils repo, and copy the deb to the packages folder.

then just sudo make arm64, and copy the qcow to recovery and use the write-image-disk command in recovery to write to the disk.

Vyos then just booted for me, and seems to be working. Haven’t done any speedtests yet to see what perf is like so ymmv.

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Out of interest, what was involved in making this work?

A lot of testing, cursing, and trial and error tbh. I started from @mcbridematt 's https://github.com/mcbridematt/vyos-arm64-builder repo, and then moved to trying to keep the patches on top of the vyos-bulld repo current branch.

The main areas of work where in the kernel config (which I am sure is terrible, but I haven’t had time to go clean it up), and finding arm64 versions of packages.

I did have to build it on an arm64 host as well - I ended up using Oracle Cloud for that, with free tier and the arm accelerator program for credits.

It is hosting a full IPv6 BGP view pretty well, and I haven’t noticed any major latency / speed issues using a 1gig internet connection, but multi gig speeds are still tbd.