What's new - week of 27 September

For the sake of keeping track of software updates, I’m going to update this thread regularly with a list of software updates for Ten64 related projects (kernel patches, OpenWrt, muvirt, recovery)

New μVirt build - 2020-09-29
sysupgrade download

Many small fixes:

  • Rebase on top of Traverse OpenWrt 21.02
  • Fix FreeBSD guest VMs not accepting DHCP offers from the μVirt host due to missing IP checksum
    This change will not be applied to existing installs, see here for the changes needed to /etc/firewall.user.
  • Rework HugeTLB configuration - percentage values (e.g 0.85 - now default) are now accepted, HugeTLB reservation will be computed at runtime. Whole MB numbers are still accepted
  • Allow VM disks to be specified by UUID= parameter (thanks @psiegl)
  • k3os wizard: allocate 2 GB of RAM and 2 vCPU for controller node, this seems to be the minimum amount that allows the k3s server to startup comfortably on reboot.
  • Fix graceful shutdown of VMs by initscript
  • Tell QEMU not to create it’s default user network if no OpenWrt bridge connections specified, unless usernet set to 1.
    Removes unwanted QEMU user network under DPAA2 passthrough scenarios
  • Fix handling of appstore appliance deployments when the appliance definition has been updated
  • Forced a border to be added between rows in the appliance list, as some LuCI themes (e.g 2020) do not have the legacy cbi styles
  • Add many more packages to build, including dockerd which fell out due to it being split out in OpenWrt packages

OpenWrt update
sysupgrade download

  • Fix GRUB falling back to embedded configuration, ignoring /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Kernel tree for Debian
5.14.8 adds ath11k, missing options for BPF and cgroups