Where and what ECC RAM to buy

I’m hesitant to buy until I’m sure I can source the ECC RAM here in India. What and which RAM should we install in this?


Kingston is the brand I would recommend buying.

There is a list of tested RAM modules over here:


All ‘modern’ RAM modules (speed 2100MT/s or greater) should work, if in doubt, post a model number and/or link.

You can use non-ECC modules as well.

Thanks for getting back promptly, what’s the reason the device isn’t offered with RAM installed via Crowdsupply?

It is because the price margin distributors (like Crowdsupply) put on the unit would be applied to the unit as a whole (Ten64 + cost of the RAM stick), which will make it very expensive.

We did offer RAM installed during the campaign when the % margin was lower.

I am working on getting RAM from the Mouser (Crowdsupply’s parent company) catalog listed as a bundle option on Crowdsupply. This will partially get around the issue, but it won’t be as cost effective as buying the RAM yourself.

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